The admission process at Behavior Momentum India, is designed to ensure that BMI can cater to the specific needs of the child who is given admission at any of its centers across India. BMI has limited seats where child specific ABA based programs are planned and delivered in a 1: 1 set up.


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The process of admission at BMI is stringent and in 3 stages.

  • Enquiries
  • Assessment
  • Parent Interview

Parents contacting BMI go through an initial screening interview. This enables BMI to

  • understand the parents needs,
  • answer parents questions on what BMI does,
  • provide information on availability of seats and
  • share information on BMI's intervention approach
  • If both client and BMI are satisfied, an assessment is fixed at this stage.

During the assessment at BMI the child's language milestones, are assessed. The assessment also identifies baselines, barriers to learning and cooperation during learning. Any challenging behaviors are directly observed. Thus previously made assessment reports at times are not helpful as BMI intake is based on direct observation of the child. The assessments may at times take more than one sitting as assessments may require understanding the child's skill level. This assessment done on the basis of direct observation gives an understanding if BMI can meet the child's behavioral, educational and learning needs. Parents are expected to provide all inputs and past records to understand the child's level. Parents provide the following:

  • Diagnosis report
  • Reports of the latest interventions
  • Latest medical records copy

After the assessment, a final screening interview is fixed with both parents. Both parents are expected to attend this interview. The interview may be made at any of BMI's centers or through a Skype meeting. During this interview parents are provided information on the various programs offered at BMI, the use of Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior at various BMI centers, and various policy guidelines followed at BMI.

The information received from the assessment and interview is reviewed by BMI Management and a notification is sent to the parents on acceptance or rejection of the application for admission. It is important for parents to note that an assessment does not guarantee a seat at our regular programs.


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