Shadow Teacher Training

Many schools that support inclusion as a philosophy also provide a 1:1 aide ( shadow)
support for the child. However, without requisite training the shadow could end up merely
following the child around or becoming a substitute teacher on whom the child becomes
dependent. BMI consultants visit such classrooms and in collaboration with the school, train
the aides in ABA based procedures of delivering appropriate reinforcements to the child to a
scientifically determined schedule, prompting and fading procedures etc. This ensures that the
aide is empowered to help the child and that the learning experience in classroom is positive
for the child.

Many children seeking intervention services at BMI are either already going to a school or
are being integrated in a regular school with BMI’s support. BMI collaborates with schools
by making routine direct observations of the child in the school setup, train shadow teachers
to ensure child success in the classroom and plan for integration. BMI is currently providing
school support and consultation for children at it Delhi, Noida & Bangalore centers.
BMI has in the last 3 years integrated many children.