Mentoring for BCBA / BCaBA

2BMI provides BACB approved Mentoring & Supervision for applicants studying for BCBA - Board Certified Behavior Analyst or BCABA - Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst certifications.

About the Mentors

  • Julianne Bell has her Masters in ABA. She acquired her certification in 2009 and has 3 years of experience in mentoring & supervision. Julianne provides supervision for graduate and undergraduate students. (read more)
  • 2 Smita Awasthi, has her Masters in Psychology and is a PhD candidate in ABA from Queen's University. She acquired her certification in 2004 and has 8 years of experience in mentoring. Many of her mentees are now board certified. She also provides supervision for BCBA & BCaBA students, graduate and undergraduate students. Opportunities for BACB approved field work are provided at various BMI centers in India. (read more)

2Types of supervision

  • In situ - Mentoring & Supervision is provided for those who work at BMI centers & affiliated centers in India.
  • Distance supervision - is provided through Skype, phone, email and video reviews as per BACB guidelines.


The behavior analytic content of the BACB Third Edition Task List (current) is focused on. At BMI we apply ABA concepts in teaching children with autism & developmental disabilities, develop IEP's, and skill acquisition, conduct assessments using VB-MAPP & ABLLS-R, conduct functional analysis for behavior intervention plans.

Supervision also includes developing skills for clinical applications of behavior principles in your area of interest as well acquiring skills as a behavior analyst.

Note: Applicants are required to read latest details on mentoring and supervision at

BACB Mentoring Requirements:

Mentoring Requirements



Total hours of field work 1500 hours 1000 hours
% of supervision hours 5% 5%
Directly supervised hours 75 hours 50 hours
Frequency of contact with supervisor 1 – 3 hrs / fortnight 1 – 3 hrs / fortnight
Supervision period Approx. 54 weeks minimum at 6 hrs of mentoring / 4 weeks Approx 34 weeks minimum

2Important: Applicants should visit the BACB's website at to obtain the most up-to-date standards for mentoring and supervision.