Mainstream & Inclusion Group: (M & I)

Most children with autism have been found to have great difficulty in transitioning from 1:1 therapy to a classroom setting, Most children who learn and respond very well in 1:1 intervention show a complete drop in skills when they are in large group set ups. At times children are provided with shadow teachers and children become dependent on them.

At BMI the M & I Group program focuses on developing skills in the child which will teach the child with autism to generalize skills to be able to independently follow teachers instructions. The M&I program at BMI is based on ABA principles and procedures which prepares the child for school readiness. A small amount of time is also spent in teaching academics. Groups meet twice per week for 2 hours and consist of 4 to 8 children who are similar in age and skill level. Data is taken throughout the session to guide intervention and monitor progress. The groups have trainers in the ratio of 1:3 or higher.