Intensive Behavioral Intervention

This program is designed for students anywhere between the ages of 5 – 16.
The program is tailored to the exact needs of each child and their Individual
Education Plan addresses all areas of development such as communication,
language comprehension, academics, self help, play and pre-requisites to
vocational skills to name a few. This program can assist children of all levels
of ability from those who need to learn basic self care skills such as dressing and
brushing their teeth, learn to cook, write their own name to those who can learn
to write compositions.

In addition it is often the case that by this age challenging behaviors have
emerged which impede the students learning and ability to participate in society.
Any program would be designed to replace these behaviors with appropriate
alternatives and reduce these behaviors to a level in which they do not affect the
child’s learning.

Learners’ needs will be developed through both structured table top (Discrete
Trial Teaching) and Natural Environment Teaching. The intervention is
implemented across settings, with both center and community based goals.