Home Based Services

Different models of behavioral intervention suit different families. Behavior Momentum’s
in home consultation will provide the same high standard of intervention based on the
principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) available in our intervention centers, except
the intervention will applied in the natural setting of your home. This model will suit families
with transportation or scheduling restraints which prevent their child attending the center or
where a student has difficulty generalizing skills across different environments and people.

Just like services at our centers training is provided by a BCBA with the additional benefit
of training being available to all significant individuals in the child’s life such as parents,
siblings, grandparents, therapists and other caregivers.

Upon enrolling in the home program our consultant will provide a full assessment of
your child’s skills across numerous skill domains such as communication, language
comprehension, academics, self help and leisure skills. Based on this assessment our expert
will provide you with an individualized education plan (IEP) and with the skills to implement
it effectively. Regular follow up meetings will then allow for on going training and for
updating your child’s IEP.