Hands-On Parent ABA Training

PAT ( Parent ABA Training )

This program is designed to empower parent(s) who would like to take charge and play a
hands on role in teaching their child with autism.
This is designed to be a 6 hours per day, 8 – 12 week intensive program which covers
learning basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, learning by observation and training
to the parent to teach his/ her child with autism using ABA procedures.

Parents are trained on various scientific teaching procedures based on Applied Behavior
Analysis in a BMI center. A typical day would begin with a meeting with a senior
professional who explains key theoretical principles which is then followed by the senior
professional guiding the parent to train her child. The parent would also observe other
trainers working with children with autism to see the principles being applied . This would
be followed by a second session where a senior professional further coaches the parent in
teaching her child. Practical orientation is also given on best practices, data taking, graphing,
monitoring progress and working to a consultant’s direction ( treatment integrity) diligently.

The scope of training covers :

  • Key principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Pairing positively with the child
  • Training the child to request – Mand training
  • Gaining instructional control
  • Teaching skills specifically identified as targets for the child based on assessment(
    example- learning body parts, following specific and functional instructions, objects
    and people in environment etc.)
  • Problem solving in case of non compliance
  • Data taking, monitoring child’s progress and reporting

Parents can then expect to learn teaching procedures and the basic principles of ABA
to a degree where they can work with their own child with ongoing supervision from a
qualified consultant. It should be emphasized that this is no way qualifies or otherwise
equips the parent to work with their own child or other children without ongoing professional
supervision and consultation.