Welcome to Behavior Momentum India

Welcome to Behavior Momentum India (BMI). At BMI we provide intervention services for children with Autism, Asperger, ADHD etc based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). For us, the most important thing is individualized attention to each child’s needs. Our teams work under strict supervision with compassion & dedication, creating a positive learning environment while practicing the science of ABA. At BMI we teach while we play. And while we love working with children, we also ensure we maximize each child’s potential.

Who is an ABA therapist

At BMI we started intensive ABA training in 2010, to develop a resource pool of trainers in India. So far BMI has trained nearly 180 graduates, post graduates from various fields including special education & psychology. Training provided included basic knowledge in running programs designed by BCBA under the direct supervision of ABA educated supervisors or BCBA’s.
Due to the high demand of ABA tutors some of these people who had no ABA education left BMI finding other job opportunities. BMI would like to clarify its position to stakeholders (parent, schools & other special needs centers) to ensure they are making educated decisions when hiring or seeking services from such people ...


BMI approved by BACB for 1st ABA Course in India.
Read more at: bmi-abacertification.com

BMI becomes the first special needs organization to be a member of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries).