This program is designed for students anywhere between the ages of 5 – 16. The program is tailored to the exact needs of each child and their Individual Education Plan addresses all areas of development such as communication, language comprehension, academics, self help, play and pre-requisites to vocational skills to name a few. This program can assist children of all …
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Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Many Children with autism are aversive to learning academics or may have language comprehension difficulties or discrimination problems. At BMI we use the science of ABA to teach academics to children. The Academic Support Program addresses the academic needs of school going children. This covers areas like English, Math, Science, Language comprehension, and developing reading and writing skills. Time: 1-2 …
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Academic Support

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Program Hours / Week Admission Requirement Goals Currently Offered at Hi 5 Basic Social Skills Program 2-4 hrs / week No Pre-requisites for joining the Group. Vocal / Non Vocal Autistic children are taught Teach Cooperation in group, Following rules, Group activities, Sharing, Playing games in group BMI-HRBR Blore BMI – Sharjapur Blore BMI – Delhi   SST Social Skills …
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Mainstream & Inclusion Training

Our Social Skills Groups are designed for children and young adults between the age of 4 and 18 who have a pre-defined set of pre-requisites however have observable social skill deficits. Groups meet twice per week for 2 hours and consist of 4 to 8 children who are similar in age and skill level. Data is taken throughout the session …
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Social Skills Training

To build awareness and build practical skills for parents, carers & professionals and providing latest evidence based information on various topics, our team of professionals conduct 1-2 day workshops. Our past workshops conducted at Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Kolkata, Madurai in collaboration with various NGO’s have focused on the following topics. Mand training Teaching communication to non-vocal children using evidence based …
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PAT ( Parent ABA Training ) This program is designed to empower parent(s) who would like to take charge and play a hands on role in teaching their child with autism. This is designed to be a 6 hours per day, 8 – 12 week intensive program which covers learning basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, learning by observation and …
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Hands-On Parent ABA Training

This is a parent run initiative at BMI which runs over 2 hour sessions over 10 Saturdays. Parents are introduced to ABA principles and practice so they can carry forward the programs at home.

Weekend Group Training