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Home Programming

Training by Dr. Clodagh Murray, BCBA-D New Research areas – For BMI Trainers at the following dates: May 5, 2014 May 7, 2014 May 10, 2014

Training by Dr. Murray

Physical Fitness is being held on Day May 14, 2014 at the following centers: – BMI HRBR – BMI Jaynagar

Physical Fitness Day


Different models of behavioral intervention suit different families. Behavior Momentum’s in home consultation will provide the same high standard of intervention based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) available in our intervention centers, except the intervention will applied in the natural setting of your home. This model will suit families with transportation or scheduling restraints which prevent their …
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Home Based Services

The First “Behavior Clinic” in India with a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) & ABA professionals form the core team of the clinic, which addresses challenging behaviors prevalent in children with Autism & offers behavioral solutions to parents & families of children with a wide range of disorders. The clinic only addresses overt behaviors (behaviors which can be …
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Behavior Clinic

BMI, in keeping with it aim of providing quality intervention to families with children with autism living in areas where such services are not available has been offering continued supervision and program guidance through Skype meetings and video reviews. To avail distance consultation services through Skype, families need to have an initial face to face assessment at any of our …
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Distance Support

Occupational Therapy is a scientific procedure for gross motor & fine motor development of the child. AT BMI we provide OT services currently at our Bangalore – Sharjapur Center and have plans to offer the same at BMI- Noida Speech Therapy & Consultations Speech-language pathologists are therapists who specialize in treating language problems and speech disorders. With early screening and …
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Occupational and Speech Therapy

Increasingly some children in the autism spectrum are enrolled in mainstream schools by parents in the hope that naturally available resources and peer group in such settings will help the child with autism overcome his deficits and overcome autism related problems. Given the limited attention a teacher could pay to a child with special needs, inadequately trained aides, lack of …
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School Consultation

Many schools that support inclusion as a philosophy also provide a 1:1 aide ( shadow) support for the child. However, without requisite training the shadow could end up merely following the child around or becoming a substitute teacher on whom the child becomes dependent. BMI consultants visit such classrooms and in collaboration with the school, train the aides in ABA …
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Shadow Teacher Training